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hey guise. i mainly post look books for simmies. i only foliow back simblrs.
------------------------------------------------------------- dont hesitate to ask wcif questions either :]

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she got 7 kids. her man died but i resurrected him.

now i gotta kill him again because of this shit

so after i killed him gingers teen daughter starts fucking with the grim  reaper like bitch whut


a water balloon fight…really bitch? (dont mind her outfit, i only care about 1 of gingers kids so i keep the random ea outfits on everybody else… aint nobody got time to go into cas for 7 niggas)

but yeah…. shortly after im reminded of the one thing i hate about generations

like i know im neglecting the little fucker but that GOD DAMN IMAGINARY FRIEND SHIT. NUH UH I AINT HAVING IT! (ill probably objects delete it when it turns into a live thing)

i forgot why i took this but thats my favorite of gingers kids. Alyssa… (it makes me mad that half of the kids look the same due to their dad) 

got this bitch pregnant cus shes gonna be an adult soo and… WAIT WHUT. WHY THE FUCK BITCH YOU THROWING UP INFRONT OF YOUR SON. AND THERE GOES THAT FUCKING DOLL AGAIN! I made the doll into a girl so when it becomes alive ill probably change it around in cas. 

but yea… dassit yall… til next time

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dachs hq mod  wont show my lashes….

does anybody else have these problems?

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